Elevate your keyboard play with the world's most versatile electronic keyboard stand. Move with the Music!

SolidStand Freedom II Keyboard Stand

SolidStand Freedom II Keyboard Stand
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Get Comfortable

The FREEDOM II keyboard stand is great for serious musicians and their performances. It allows the keyboardist to stand for part of the concert and then adjust to a sitting position for a more comfortable feel. We positioned the button so you can make these adjustments while playing.

You will love the roominess under the keyboard. The u-shaped design of this stand allows more space for pedals and for your knees.


Diverse Players

Looking for a stand for a studio or a church? This stand permits multiple keyboardists using the stand to adjust it to the exact position they desire in a matter of seconds. No more lugging the keyboard on and off the stand. No more guessing on positions when adjusting your keyboard stand. No more notches in the wrong place.



Another great benefit of the FREEDOM II is its portability. We made this stand out of durable yet lightweight aluminum, making it a cinch to move from gig to gig.

The unique folding design makes setting up or taking down the stand quick and easy. This also allows it to fit into a car trunk or other tight space.


Free Yourself!

Traditional keyboard stands are limiting. You may be like many serious keyboardists who feel as if they don’t have a choice. We invite you to “Move with the Music” and try the FREEDOM II Keyboard Stand from SOLIDSTAND.


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